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    horses and riding, reading, scuba diving, bettas and pretty much any other fish, traveling, lots of other things that i cant think of right now.
  1. Thanks guys. I have established that it's not me. They hide no matter if I, or anyone else, are close by or not. They have a large piece of driftwood with a cave type area that they can get to from either side, it is quite open but I have some java fern on another piece of driftwood and some green pennywort hiding the openings mostly. I'll try moving the light and see what happens. then I'll try a timer. How much of a variation can there be in their feeding schedule? I generally feed them within half an hour of the same times everyday and they always seem to know when it's feed time,
  2. All of them. I think I broke my fish.
  3. I've got a couple of dwarf gourami, couple ember tetras, a few rummynoses, a black widow tetra. I also have a young bristlenose and a borneo sucker, but they aren't really affected. They all get along peacefully have been in together for quite some time now. I get what your saying about associating me with bad stuff, but it really is only when the light is on. When it's off they don't have a problem. I can press my face against their tank and they couldn't care. Unless it has something to do with seeing me different when the lights are on. I'll try the hiding from them and see what happens
  4. My light is dimmer then the ones in the places I buy my fish, so I don't think it's too bright? I turn my light on at about 8am and its on for about 10 hours. I never turn it on when they have been in the dark cause I don't like it so I imagine they don't either. They won't even eat with the light on. Could it be the type of light and the way it "hangs" over the tank?
  5. Why do my fish stress when I turn the light on? They are all fine and acting normal till then. When the light goes on they get pale and hide. New fish seem to be fine for a week or two but then they start too. My light is only a little clip on LED, and I have it angled so its mostly over one half of the tank. It's not exceptionally bright.
  6. yeah ive heard those stories too, but this one was bought as an aquarium then used for lizards instead so...
  7. thanks. that is good to know. i would hate to have found it out the hard way.
  8. hi! i live in toowoomba. i currently only have a small 35L hexagon tank setup. in it i have 1 blue/red crown male betta and 1 hoplo catfish, a samll piece of driftwood and some ambulia. i am trying to convince my brother to let me have his 3 foot tank that he used to keep his lizards in. no such luck yet, but it will happen soon im sure. in the mean time i am trying to decide what other fish i want in my tank. i was thinking a few cardinal or glowlight tetras. i only want something samll but with a bit of brightness about them. i am planning to try breeding bettas soon. im still trying to c
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