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Newbie in Melbourne


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Hi all.

Some 10 years ago I started keeping Betta's. Had to stop due to work and travel.

I have travel to Thailand many many times ( 18 since 2002)

My first visit to JJ market in Mo Chit in 2002. I managed see and speak to the locals saw Betta's 1000's of them.

Met a guy in Phuket who took me to his Betta Farm..alas I was unable to pack them in my bags...ha ha

My passion for Betta's has never gone ..just on hold..until now.

Hope to catch up with some melb local at "Show n Tell" in near future.

Fish Chick will have a new customer soon.



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Thanks for the Welcome. :D

I have been watching this forum as a guest for a while..could see there are some knowledgeable people here.

Plakat's should arrive Wed... :thumbs:

Day off tomorrow so going to the LFS for some bits n pieces.

Will post photos of my tank setup after it is bedded in.

As for photos of the betta farm.. sorry none. It was just one of those things that happen....


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