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My New Bettas


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After setting up the new tank, I spent half the day looking at the empty 4 bays on the end and feeling the urge to go down to someone's shop and buy some new fish to fill them up. Who am I to argue with an urge like that?

First up is my new Arctic Sea HMPK male


He was partnered with this girl...


I am,however, going to breed him with the dam of my first spawn. She is almost identical to him. When I bred her a couple of weeks back, she had almost no blue/green iridescence on her body... The miracle of marble genetics!


Next is my very first halfmoon!


And his partner...


Now the hard part of deciding which of my 5 pairs to spawn next...

Last, but not least is the crowntail I bought a couple of weeks back, intending to give it to my Nephew... I couldn't part with him. The red in his fins only show up with the flash. To look at under a light he looks black with blue iridescence


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