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Hello to all from Melbourne newbie


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Hi, I'm new to the joys of aquariums, after my sons were given bettas in boxes. Didn't think that was humane, kids now have a 30l happy betta home and a 70l community tank; and I'm getting a 220l next weekend (because the kids won't let me play with theirs): can't wait.

Love the enthusiasm and passion of fish lovers and I'm already planning the 6ft tank. Haven't told the husband that yet.

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Welcome ktjn,

I'm a noob to bettas myself, but not new to fish keeping. In case you haven't heard the term before, it's called MTS or Multiple Tank Syndrome. I started with a 6 foot and now have 11 tanks 3 foot and under. Yeah, I sold the six foot as my passion is for small fish and small fish only need small tanks. And besides I can fit many more tanks in the space where the six foot used to be. Think verticle.

Again welcome to the forum and the hobby.


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