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Stupid algae growth


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ive got a Aquaone AR900(? i think off the top of my head).. and im gettin sick of cleaning it all the time because of the algae growth..

its not situated in sunlight, i have the lights on during the day and turn them off at night, but the algae goes crazy in it and looks yuck..

anyone have any idea how i can stop the algae growth?



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Algae will only go nuts if it has plenty of food and plenty of light so..... cut the light or cut the nutrients that feed the algae.... you could try some floating plants to cut the light down or reduce the number of hours the lights are turned on.... less fish or less feeding of the fish will reduce the nutrient levels in the water....

more regular water changes will also cut the nutrients that are floating in the water.... get a pleco or some bristlenose catfish (depending on size of tank) to help clean the glass for you..... mystery snails can help clean the glass too... or add plants that grow quickly (and as a result use up nutrients quickly) to starve the algae of food....

avoid using anti algae chemicals if possible....

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