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Hello all,

My name is Vanessa, I'm from Ballarat in Vic. I've been a great admirer of fish all my life, and first started with goldfish when I was a kid (like many I'm sure!)

In recent times, I've discovered tropical fish and have been enjoying learning about keeping them. My first was an Oscar, who I sadly lost a few months ago after 5 years.

Currently I have an AquaOne 620 tank that has been set up for 2 years, with black widow tetras, cochus blue tetras, emporer tetras, black neons, mossy barbs, a pair of congo tetras, a kribensis and a bristlenose. I'm also trying with mild success to have plants in this tank.

This weekend I pick up my AquaOne Grande 120 which has been on layby for some time. I hope to set this up for a new Oscar and hopefully a couple of friends for him too. I'm looking for ideas and inspiration to set up this tank, which is my main reason for joining

Thanks for letting me be a part of this forum

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Hi Vanessa. :)

The Aqua one tanks aren't the best for plants as the lighting is mostly inadequite for anything but lowlight plants. I heard somewhere that trickle filters were bad for plants, don't remember where I heard it but probably something to look into before investing any more cash in plants. :P

Hope you enjoy the AG 120, it's pretty sweet.

Oscars are cool fish. :) Find one that's grown up/been raised from quite young with other fish so it's not just going to attack and kill/eat his tankmates.

Off the top of my head I believe the AG 120 is close to 300lt. About 280lt? 4ft but tall and wide... Correct me if I'm wrong, had a tiresome day!

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Thanks for the welcomes

The AG 120 is 120W x 67H x 46D cm and 285L - should be good fun to set up :cheer:

Thanks for the plant advice Yan, my sister has one of the Aqua one corner style tanks and she has heaps of success with plants, where as I only have about 5 that are still alive. Nevermind, even a couple look better than none!

Having 2nd thoughts about the Oscar now, will keep researching and probably ask for ideas here too

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