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new tank in my office


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I bought myself an Aquaone 320.

- 28 litre

- undergravel filter

- 11 watt globes

I am enjoying fish so much at home that I thought I'd add some to my office at work. The tank sits right on my desk and it already has me distracted and there aren't any fish in it yet!

These photos were taken this morning with my camera so the quality isn't so good but it gives you an idea on how it's looking.



I have some java fern attached to the driftwood, some watersprite floating away and I'm not sure what the other plant is on the left hand side. It grows well in my tank at home so I thought I'd give it a go here too. If you know the name of it, please tell me! I really love the way it's looking and if all goes well, it will be home to my new crown tail betta and a Bristlenose next week. I hope the cycling goes well and speedy!

I love this little tank. Should make life at work a bit more bearable!


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