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Moss ID please

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well if its one of those two mosses (which are fairly common in Aust) they are worth a lot more than java moss and make a really nice show in a tank, on a rock or driftwood or as a moss wall.... I have both but somehow have mixed them up and don't know which is which anymore.... but the bettas love to hide in it and lay on it etc... shrimps love it just as much as java moss too....

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I was thinking about a moss wall, I have been reading up on it.

My Old man Bettta got a whole bag and it has made him a lot happier,

more like his old self.

My Red Cherry Shrimp seem to have vanished into it, I am hoping for some shrimlets soon.

The Guppies seem fond of it too.

You know, I have talked myself into it,

I will pop in tomorrow and see if the 2 bags are still there.

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I picked up the 2 bags of ??? moss,

Thursday is the day that the aquatic plants get delivered.

They don't have a great range,

so 2 bags of java fern & 2 banana lilys.

A bag of brine shrimp and black worms.

An Aqua One breeder sponge filter.

Fry care decapsulated brine shrimp and a hatchery.

Last but not least a lager circular air stone.

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