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My New Fish


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At the SSS meeting on the weekend I picked up some New boys and girls from Lisa.

I just wanted to post some pics so that Lisa can see her boys have wonderful homes.

The Black Dragon is living in his own 20 litre tank as I am goign to try and spawn him in there after he settles in.

th_5-6weeksold135.jpg 5-6weeksold063.jpg

The other black boy is sharing space in my barracks. Teagan, the little boy I got from you in the raffle is living in these barracks too. Up until Saturday night he had been happily living in my sorority tank but he has realised he is a boy.


Bill and Eric's Tank has settled in nicely and the plants are growing well and the boys seem happy enough!


I am planning to buy a another 20 litre tank for the bottom shelf and divide it like Bill and Eric's tank.


The shelf is holding up well and there has been no issues with weight or movement/bowing of shelves of any kind.

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