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Hi From SA


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Hi, I'm another Steve, this time from Dernancourt SA.

I have a few tanks 1 full of crystal shrimp, 1 with a pair of convicts, 1 with a pair of Gold Saum and 1 community tank.

The Saums have bred recently and I have about 30 fry.

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G'day Steve... welcome to AusAqua....

love the gold saums.... good to hear they did the right thing for you....

crystal shrimp are great too... haven't ventured towards them... have a few cherry reds and a few blue crayfish I'm hoping will breed for me...

Hope you're keeping the convicts separated!!!

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Hi Steve

Our member Des sent an email intended for you on learning of your new thread:

Hi Steve,

I used to have salt water fish in the early 70's but I lived on Palm Island & could walk out at low tide & collect fish on the reef. I was looking for something that was as pretty & varied in colour because we live in a unit & can't have pets ( I'm presuming cats & dogs). I ended up getting a couple of female fighters up at our local markets & now have 6 tanks 1 with females & the rest with males. I have just replied to Fishfin so if you want to know the woes you can read all about it. It's heartbreaking!

Best of luck with your fish & your new additions to your family. Des

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