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Some growing up babies


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Hey all,

Here are two boys I bought from Joan's first spawn ... the white one is very placid and graceful, just flows around the tank with three neons. His name is cellophane. The red one is a most unusual colour, he glows with blue pearl sheen to gold to copper burgundy. He is called baby as his tail was so short for so long, compared to his brother, that I had begun to think he was a girl. His tail gets bigger and more formed every day and he is a VERY aggressive little fish. Does anyone know what colour he is?

I hope you enjoy seeing how your babies have grown Joan, they are giving me much pleasure as I watch them grow ...







Face off


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They're gorgeous, I'm just glad they're in good hands. I don't know about other people, by looking after them since they were little white eggs I have grown attached and think of them as my babies... They red colour one is one of my favourite, I was considering keeping him, but them you seem like a good owner as any. Good to see they're doing well, how are the girls? doing well too?

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Yes the girls are also doing very well. The copper girl is larger than The white one, and both are placid and happy in with three other girls in a harem tank.

The red one is a favourite with all the family, and the fact that he is changing and blossoming so much often means he is the first one to get looked at by all! When he swims he glimmers and glows in a most spectacular manner that is hard to catch on the photo due to the flash.

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