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Hi from Adelaide too


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Hi my name is Darren located down south in Adelaide.

started a pond in January this year as a birthday present for my self.It snowball from there

picked up my first tank a aqua1 620t 130 lt.then the son wanted a tank so pick up another tank.

Then the wife wanted a tank so now have a 540lt aqua1 .so yes keep fish is catchy

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Hi Delyall

my wife loves her angels, she has 3 in her 540lt tank with some Harlequin Rasbora,neon tetra's,large silver shark,2 small silver sharks,baby peppermint bristlenose,large pleco

and 3 large med small clown loaches she think of get rid of the loaches as they keep uprooting the plants

my tank has

Convict Cichlid thinking of get more cichild and I have started a shrimp tank

son has couple turtles


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