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Hi From Mackay


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My name is Megan, I live in Mackay (as above).

I have only 1 tank - would like more but lack of room and funds prevents it.

I love loaches. I have 5 clown loaches, 6 yo yo (pakistani) loaches, 7 chain (dwarf) loaches, 6 Khuli loaches and 1 hillstream. I have cory catfish and rasboras. I have just ordered some glass shrimp and am wondering if anyone knows if they are likely to survive, or become dinner. My yo yos are quite active, chase each other. 4 of my clowns are around 15-16cm the other is a baby, the big clowns are very docile and spend their time hiding in their cave, the baby is way more active.

I do have an outside fish pond with Pacific Blue Eyes and Bristlenose. This pond has been going for 11 years now. It has no filter, just a recycling pump up to a waterfall. There is a sponge filter over the pump intake and this is cleaned and replaced every couple of weeks. I have plants growing around the pond - some of these have their roots in the pond and so the waste is removed. The fish must enjoy it as there are always babies of both species in there. They were chosen as they will not eat frogs eggs, but do eat mosquito lavae. Some of the bristlenose would be 15cm. They are very cute when they come to the surface (upside down) to eat the flake.

Cheers !

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Thanks everyone for the welcome.

Pond is wonderful, it was built for me by my husband as a birthday present. It is pretty much self sufficient - feed every day, tidy the aquatic plants and the ones growing around the edge and change the filter sponge every few weeks. It is very calming to sit next to. That is the great thing about living in the tropics - fish in ponds survive the winter.

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