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  1. Hi delyall I have purchased from livefish.com.au (they are in Childers) I have had 3 deliveries from them (4th on the way!). One lot had a few dead fish and they gave me a credit and I was able to replace them the next time I ordered. The other shipments had no troubles - all fish healthy and well packed. I chose to do online because I like Loaches and the LFS here (Mackay) only seem to have Clowns and Kuhlis. Livefish have a flat rate delivery to anywhere in Aust. They also have fish food and plants.
  2. Meg

    Hi From Mackay

    Thanks everyone for the welcome. Pond is wonderful, it was built for me by my husband as a birthday present. It is pretty much self sufficient - feed every day, tidy the aquatic plants and the ones growing around the edge and change the filter sponge every few weeks. It is very calming to sit next to. That is the great thing about living in the tropics - fish in ponds survive the winter.
  3. Hi My name is Megan, I live in Mackay (as above). I have only 1 tank - would like more but lack of room and funds prevents it. I love loaches. I have 5 clown loaches, 6 yo yo (pakistani) loaches, 7 chain (dwarf) loaches, 6 Khuli loaches and 1 hillstream. I have cory catfish and rasboras. I have just ordered some glass shrimp and am wondering if anyone knows if they are likely to survive, or become dinner. My yo yos are quite active, chase each other. 4 of my clowns are around 15-16cm the other is a baby, the big clowns are very docile and spend their time hiding in their cave,
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