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my favourite self-bred royal blue female SD


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hello all.

I want to show off my favourite royal blue female SD, who is the only betta from my current spawn that i will be breeding in the near future.

she is 9 weeks old,

her body shape is perfect in my opinion, no irregularities at all that concern me,

she has about 140+ degree caudal spread, but i couldnt catch that in the pics,

staight rays but not too sharp edged caudal...

her dorsal has very nice, broad spread,

and her anal fin is nice and short and rounded at the end, not long and pointy ;)

she has ventrals,

and her color is really deep when she flares, and she has absolutely no redwash at all, anywhere ;)

I plan to beed her to a coppergold dt/plakat geno SD-OHM from NajRick in the near future. ;)

please tell me what you think of her ;)

at 7 weeks old:

Posted Image

i think this is the same female, not sure, but the pic shows non-existent redwash ;)

Posted Image

8 weeks old+:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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