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Red Dragon hm male and female sibling - 3 months

fighter boy

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Here is another Halfmoon from Nina (Ninoid12). He was bred by her and im assuming, from her not having any problems with me asking for a critique of her other male, that she wouldnt mind me asking for a critique of this male without directly asking permission first. If i have done wrong and assumed wrong Nina please let me know...




The butterfly pattening is much stronger in the female and looks to be white compared to the males caudal which is like a cellophane colour and is almost see through.

Both parents i believe are red dragon halfmoons. The fathers scaling is really impressive. Those of you who have seen him would agree.

This fella is 3 months of age and appears to have a butterfly pattern in each fin. Whether this is the gene itself or just coinsidence i do not know. Though considering the dominance of the gene and the appearance of all other siblings from the spawn. Id say it is just so and not genetically present.

He also has one sister whom i am going to pair him with who has also the butterfly patterning in her fins.

Each of them are doing well in the dragon scales department though they are not as "full" as daddy. Im assuming that they will fill in as time permits. Much of the dragon genetics is still very new to me.

So id you could all leave a few comments and have your say. I intend on spawning them within a few months. Once all of my other fry are moved into their grow outs....

take care,


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He looks like a SD to me, not a HM. There also seem to be crooked rays in his dorsal fin.

The female has a very thin dorsal. if you want to breed with her, I would recommend an outcross, maybe even to a fish from DT lines (of a compatible colour of course) to work up that dorsal. I also think that from her anal fin you are going to get a lot of trinagular anal fins in the offspring, which again I would be trying to eliminate in future crosses.

Breeding for colour is nice but IMHO form is more important. Othewise we'd all be breeding pretty LFS VTs, cos their colours are awesome! It is more difficult to improve conformation in a nice coloured line (no offence to those who breed for colour, and thank god for you or we wouldn't have gorgeous coloured fish to breed with in the first place!). That's just my opinion. I think an outcross rather tha a sibling cross would help get you there.

I assume Nina won't mind her fish being critiqued. Is it really necessary to point out who the breeder was when you ask for a critique though? That would avoid anyone taking offence (not that Nina will, but others might if it was their pride and joy being taken apart and critiqued).

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Touche Lilli. I didnt not think about that. I was more trying to get recognition of who the previous owner was and where they left off with the line that ive taken up. No harm intended.

as for his caudal. I believe he is a degree or two short of halfmoon, Non of these pictures are of him at full flare, He is still young and im hoping it will stretch out a bit. I uncard all of my betta once a day for 30 mins.

And yes he does have a bent ray or two in him dorsal. Though i doubt this is genetic so it doesnt worry me as far as breeding goes...

She is definatley a super delta and as far as the butterfly goes,

If i remember corectly, if the gene is present in a fish it will always appear in its phenotype. Correct? if so then id say the pattern on these two fish is just coinsidence. A fortunate one at that.

Im breeding for both conformation and colour so i guess i need to get back to the drawing board and hunt down some more females to add to my stock. Maybe someone can help me out in that department. I shall take a browse at her youtube videos.... Though i would like to master the art of raising fry before i spend some serious cash. Unless of course anyone would like some dwarf red dragons... lol

I have three lines that im working on. Lavender butterfly hm (though male of the trio is hmpk), Red dragon hm and black copper halfmoon.

If i was to go through all of my current stock and substitute some of the females for those of a better quality i would certainly burn a hole in my pocket. I think im going to try and buy more locally first off and see where it gets me...

Here is my second option. Also a sibling to the other two. She has a better shaped dorsal than her sister and her anal fin is not so triangular. Also a super delta.

Go with her instead?



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very true michael. Which female is best suited to this male? i think the second one.

Do you know anyone who is breeding red double tails?

if i cross a red dt with the dragon male. to get the dragon back i do an offspring to father cross right?

That way the next off spring will have 2 dragon genes and breed true.. correct?

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