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Some Occupants Of The Fishroom From The Skg Feb Meeting


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Fish move around alot more than tanks, so I was only able to grab a few very poor shots :)

The theme of the shoot worked out to be albinos and light coloured mutations...

Aphyosemion australe 'Gold', male and female


Nematolebias whitei albino, male


Fundulopanchax gardneri albino, male


All these fish are not done justice by the camera. The two albinos are new to the Sydney killi hobby in the last year or so, so are still new arrivals for us too.

And finally, one non-fishie occupant

Pitcher Plant, Nepenthes sp.


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Gold australe are a funny fish. Staple of the hobby in many ways, and very beautiful, often said to be a beginner's fish, but actually can be difficult to breed, you lose the eggs for no apparent reason.

I need to learn to rotate my photos :-) It's a pretty big plant as you can see, does seem to like it's sunshine and warm wet air.

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