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Very Noisy Powerhead - advice needed

Guest Kitty

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Guest Kitty


On the weekend I purchased a new aquarium, an AquaOne AR510 as we have outgrown our smaller tank.

Have set the tank up and started cycling and all is working well apart from the noise coming from the power head. As we had a AR380 previously I am not sure if this much louder noise is normal.

I took the pump apart and checked the impeller an it looks OK (which you hope it would as it's new).

Best I can descibe is that it sounds like loud refrigerator running all the time, you can hear it when you walk into the house and it's at the other end!!!

Has anyone else experienced this with a new tank and is there anything recommended that I try before I call the LFS about it?

Are there other power heads I could buy which would fit into the AR510 which would be quieter?


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