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<Question> Quarantining plants

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Hi guyz,

Since one of my corydoras died, i have seen if not all my fish to experience some kind of ick. I couldn't see any white-spots yet, but have observed twitching and scratching behavior often in the tank so I'm assuming that its the beginning of an ick outbreak. I've already treated the fish with high-temp (30Degree C)and salt (lower dose 1tsp/5gallon). Though, i can guarantee that the disease infestation is due to my newly plants purchase from my LFS. I only washed the plants in tap water for about 5 min and added in straight to the tank.

The questions are:

- What quarantining chemicals are appropriate? Any certain brand that are readily available in LFS??

- Is it necessary to quarantine plants in a quarantine tank for about 1-2 weeks?


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white spot is the fish equivalent of the common cold. It is in the water all the time.

If the fish become stressed, their immune system drops and white spot takes hold.

It is unlikely the plants were the problem. The most common trigger for white spot is a sudden change in temperature, usually downwards.

Salt is only effective in the very early stages and then only with big strong fish. Use a treatment with malachite green.

Plants can be dipped in a potassium permanganate solution.

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^ sudden change in temperature ... UGhhh.. i just remembered i did like 70%Water change, coz i had to move my tank to another place. no wonder T__T

Do you know where i can find potassium permanganate solution? in chemist, LFS??

thx someone

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It wasn't available for a while but some chemists are stocking it again. Ring around and ask.

It also used to be called Condes (sp?) Crystals.

Does anyone know whether it would be beneficial or harmful to add a weak

p.p. solution to tank water as a preventative medicine, say when doing a water change?

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