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filter flow issue


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tonight when cleaning I tested a few variations of the filter with the following results. Timed to fill a 1 litre jug

current set up - filter on stand under tank, tank 20 inch so approx 34inch from top of filter to top of tank

1L in 25 sec = 144L hour

remove all media trays

1L in 18 sec = 200L hour

set canister up so that the top was 1 inch below tank bottom still with no media

1L in 15 sec = 240L hour

this is an aqua one CF700 rated at 700L per hour.

I am of the conclusion the thing is FUBAR and I am at a loss other than buy a new filter how to improve anything.


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Doesn't sound right???

Most cannisters are a closed system....should NOT be any difference in flow rate between 2 and 3 ??? Perhaps it's sucking air????

Flow rate should reduce if you are pumping from one tank to another at a higher level....but should be no different if outlet and inlet are at a similar level?????

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