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New Community/Female Betta Tank


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I got this tank last weekend and decided to reseal it by running a line of silicone along all the inside edges and smooth it with my finger covered in a disposable cloth just to be on the safe side as I didn't know it's history or whether it was water tight. So after allowing it to cure for 3 days I've now rinsed it thoroughly, filled it and put all the fish in. I saved all the water from the old tank as well as the filters and gravel so I basically just transplanted the 60L tank they were in into this bigger tank. It was really murky and cloudy when I first filled it so I had 2 filters in there and running all night. By morning it was a lot clearer so I added the fish. They all seem really happy in it and it seems very understocked to me. I'm planning to get some more plants and plant it up really well. I'm thinking Amazon sword and more Jungle Val as the light on it is a proper aquarium light so the plants should thrive. I'm hoping if I plant it up well enough I can add the adult bettas I have and they won't pick on the other fish etc.

Here are some photo's:

With Flash


Without Flash



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Yeah I'm not going to bother with a background coz the back is actually scratched pretty badly (it seems it used to be the front but I've just switched it around lol). Instead I'm just going to plant it along the back really nicely so you can't see through any more. I'm going to have to sort some kind of CO2 out though. I made a make shift one ages ago but it didn't work very well at all, mind you that was probably because my method was crude. I just got a bottle, drilled a hole in the top and added a one way backflow valve, some air tubing and an air stone. Added yeast,sugar and water, replaced the cap and allowed the CO2 to bubble through the air stone. I don't think much of it actually diffused into the water at all actually but it was worth a try I guess hehe. I might take a look at the DIY plans posted on here and see if I can make my own. Worst case scenario, I'll buy one when I get my lump sum payment that I'm expecting.

Watch this space in the next few months, I'll update whenever I add something new!

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