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I've upgraded wohooo ! :)


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Hi everyone a010.gif

I've had my little beginner fish tank for about a year now. It's taken about this time to get it established tho .

I've been wanting to go the next step, but have been reluctant after all the hard times I've had with my little one, and also because we don't have a lot of spare money atm . ( I had to resign from my last job a year ago due to ill health)

Anyway my husband said to me over the weekend that I should go out and get myself a new one ! :goodo:

So I decided that I would get one that will be easy to maintain.. My small one has actually been a lot of work considering it's size !

This is the one we bought '510' 75 litres, but in black..


The LFS included some gravel ( not that i am keen on the colour choice, but it will do as a base), and a heater !!! :fun:

We added the water and have done a ph test, so now I just have to wait while it cycles, before i can start introducing my fish to it ..

It's the first time I have set up a fish tank, and the water has gone clear within a few hours !!!

I still have to decorate it and put a couple of plants in .

Any tips for me guys???

I may have some questions to ask later on about it :yes:

Please feel free to add links to pics of your tanks for me to get some inspiration about how to decorate mine :lol:

I am probably going to add some red gravel/stones to it, as i have a bit of a red and black fetish with everything, well a big fetish TBH :photo:

Thanks ! :((

Oh and it will be a tropical tank, like my small one is :)

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Congrats! Those all in one tanks are sweet, should be real easy to look after. Unfortunately, I have a problem that involves me needing to tinker with stuff constantly...this is why I am sticking with the "hard" way!!

I may be corrected for being wrong here, but the only way your tank will cycle is if it has fish in it. I learnt this the hard way, also (what a waste of four weeks that was!). The idea is to get hold of some hardy fish (I used Red Eye Tetra's), just one or two, and let them loose in the tank. Keep a very close eye on the ammonia levels and do partial water changes every couple of days. You could also visit your LFS and ask them for some filter squeezings. This will help boost the bacteria levels REAL quick. Be sure you are using a clean and reliable source, you don't want any diseases getting into your system...

Try googling "new tank syndrome" or "cycling a new aquarium". These should give a wealth of information.

One other technique is "fishless cycling", which involves adding pure ammonia to your water, daily, to help grow the bacteria needed for a healthy system. I've not tried this, but I have read and heard that it's an effective and fast way to cycle a new tank.


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Thank you Ghengis for your response ( I appreciate it ) :photo:

I generally don't have any patience to wait for things to happen hehehe.

I over fussed with my small one and had sooooooo many problems, so hoping not to go down that track again :fun:

I will probably take a water sample to the LFS next Saturday to have it properly tested, and see how it's going? then might start adding a few hardy fish into it, like you suggested.. or even my neons.

The LFS guy where i bought the tank from said to use some of my old tank water and stones to add to the new one , for bacteria reasons?

He said everyone has a different ways of cycling and periods of time, but told me how he does it for his own. He said a lot of people have problems after they start adding things to their tank eg..rocks etc .. so to becareful as what I put in it..

I will google about it, as you suggested to me :goodo:

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Hi and thank you also Bettarazzi :photo:

Thanks for those useful links, will go and look them up and have a good read !! :goodo:

I've started reading the articles in the first link, fairly easy to understand as well :fun:

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Ok I'm mostly on track with cycling my new tank, going by the info in the above link ...:lol:

How important is it to add salt ( as in rock salt from the LFS to my new tropical tank)??? They said they use it in all their tanks..

I've never added it before to my small one and never had any issues ( over last few months) from lack of adding it that I know off..

Is it essential/important??

By Friday I'm going to go get a few Red Eye Tetra's to put in my new tank .. I'm not ready to transfer my other fish for a while yet..

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Hi Jules,

What kind of fish have you got/ are plaining on having? Salt is not usually necessary as most freshwater fish dont need it, some fish like catfish really dont like it where as others such as mollys and bettas can benefit from it. so do some research before you decide to add it.

Have you got a filter running in your small tank? split some of your media from it into your new tank when you first add fish to it as it will kick start your cycle and help to reduce the ammonia spike. Just take it slow adding fish, keep on monitoring your ammonia and nitrite levels, you may want to get your own test kit if you havnt already.

Hope that helps


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Hi Tara :lol:

thank you for your helpful comment ! :D

I do have a filter in my small tank, so will do as you have suggested :)

I already have added some of that tank's water into the new big one..

and will probably even start transferring couple of the decorative toys over as well soon, as they have some algae on them ..

I have neons, a platie (sp?), 3 male guppies, a golden loach and a male betta in the small tank atm..

I was thinking of just adding a few Red Eye Tetra's to new tank end of this week, and just checking all levels you have suggested..

I don't have my own kit, just the ph kit.. but the LFS said they are happy to test my water for me in the meantime ...if i bring in some samples

I will take it slowly adding my other fish into it ..

Thanks again ! :)

Oh I'm not sure what type fish i will add to it yet.. probably more guppies...

have been thinking of some of those bumble bee fish, and maybe a couple more algae type eaters..

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I just had a look at the "Aquarium Shop" web page (www.theaquariumshop.com.au), where i sometimes order stuff from and they've got a sale on for the master test kits, which would mean doubling up on pH kit, but is still probably cheaper then buying it else where.

I envy you the fun of starting up a new tank!!! I'm in the down grading stages at the moment... which im not having much luck at since ive still got 4 tanks running and more fish on the way :lol: i just cant help myself. But i do have 2 empty tanks which im so looking forward to getting going again once i have somewhere a bit more perminent to live....

Ive never kept red eye tetras before, so ive got no idea how hardy they are, but i have used platty's before to get a tank cycling.

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Oh I will go have a look , thanks Tara :lol:

Its fun getting a new tank, but i don't like having to wait so long while it's cycling hehe I've never been a very patient type person LOL

You sound like you have a full house with them all hehe You must keep busy maintaining them !

We only rent, so hopefully they keep extending our lease, as i would hate to have to shift all the pets to another home ..

Well i could consider getting a couple platty's as well since i have so much extra room now ! ;-)

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Just be wary with the plattys... they were the reason i needed my last large tank upgrade... i think i ended up with about 80 of them before i rehomed some of them. I was so sick of them continously breeding that i seperated the males and females into seperate tanks and let them die off.

3 of my 4 tanks at the moment home single male bettas, they're all fairly large tanks that are cycled and understocked so i can get away with water changes once every few weeks. My largest currently running tank is 60L and has 2 bronze corrys in it... and a big plant... it looks pretty, just dont see much of the fish. I will get around to adding some more fish to that tank in the not so distent future (i hope). I currently live on the second floor of a place with real narrow stairwell, i decided to leave my big tank at my boyfriends empty, cause neither of us wanted to carry it up here.

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Thanks Tig :unsure:

I'll becareful regards the plattys :)

Have u any pics of your largest tank set up? :)

I'd love to see !:)

Well i have added a couple plants to new tank now, and a couple Asian themed decorative pieces .. and i did end up getting a few fish to put in it .. 2 lemon barbs, 2 red eyed tetras and a rosy barb.. All doing well atm.. I had the water properly tested, and even tho it's still cycling, it's spot on with all the levels so far. I will get it tested again next week :)

I've been adding my old bacteria waste (media) to the new tank to speed up the process :)

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Ok here's my set up so far of my new tank.. have a long way to go yet ( just doing it slowly while it's cycling, and as finances permit)

I want to get a timer for the lights as well at some point ..

It's going to have an Asian theme to it ( altho most of my fish are African types hehe). I have some red and black gravel to do something with yet, but still undecided how to not over do it..

The new fish are going ok atm, but they have a different routine to them than my other fish, so not sure how it all will go when i add my older fish to the tank later..

The tank looks smaller in pic than irl.. altho it probably is small compared some of your big tanks LOL (but big to me compared to my little one ) ;-)


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Here are a couple of the new fish.. red eyed tetras..

I ended up getting 2 lemon barbs, and a rosy barb. also The first day i put them in they went crazy, trying to nip each other, and running riot in my new tank. I thought oh nooooooooo they going kill my other fish later ! I was starting to regret getting them !!

A few days later, and they have settled down, and actually just hover at bottom ... they not letting the rosy barb into their little group much tho :)

They don't really come up high at feed times tho, like my other fish do, so i hope they well get enough food when i add the others ones later..


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Here are a couple of the new fish.. red eyed tetras..

Hey Jules, Congrats on your progress so far. Those are the same tetras as I have. (you would have seen the pics in my thread). The tetra pic is way better than mine. :) What camera did you take the pic with? I can't wait to upgrade to a DSLR as my digital compact isn't very good.

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Hi and thanks Jamie :)

yes i saw your tetras :)

Our camera is a Nikon D50 ( there have been some even better models come since we got ours) . We have a nice little collection of lenses as well :)

( More my husband's hobby these day, but I dabble a bit in it every so often) :)

We always polish our pics off a bit in Photoshop tho after, just to give them a bit of extra zing :)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Update on my new tank ..

So far all good, and all my nitrate, ph etc levels have all been spot on ! ( touch wood )

So now i have i tank..

2 lemon barbs

2 red eyed tetras

1 rosy barb

3 neons

3 cardinals

2 bristlenose loaches

3 male guppies

3 bumble bee gobies

and some tiny snails ( i think they arn't the good ones, but the ones that get onto your tank via plants)

I think i will stop there for now, as i don't want to overcrowd my 75 litre tank, plus i have only one of those all in one filters with my aqua 510 tank and it probably won't be strong enough to support any more than what i have now.

All fish are getting along nicely with each other, apart from a few tiny tiffs, as expected :balloons:

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