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Tiny snail/slug creatures in my tank


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Good morning everyone :P

I must have accidentally introduced some very tiny slug/snail things in my tank at some stage ( probably when i once put a plant in there, from a LFS)

They are very tiny (brownish colour), and just tend to stick to the glass walls of my tank, or on some of the toys...

I did get rid of quite a few at one stage, but I think they been breeding and have increased again ..

They don't appear to be doing any harm from what I can tell?

In fact my tank ( and fish) is at it's best atm !! :)

Does anyone know what they could be?? and should I leave them there or remove them?

I hope this was the right section to ask this question in as I'm still acclimatising myself to this forum :)

Thanks ! :)

* Oh and I don't have any plants in my tank atm ..

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They are probably baby snails that have just hatched from eggs that were on the plants. If you don't like them then by all means get rid of them. They add to the bioload of your tank so you need to take this into account when you're stocking the tank.

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Some people use them in fry tanks to eat up leftover food. Depends what type they are. They are most likely to be common pond snails or they might be ramshorn snails. Maybe you could allow one or two of the larger ones to remain. And you can see if you like them or hate them later on. They can be quite hard to get rid of. I have a tank which has more snail than I'd like. The little asian trumpet snail are the worst. They have a really hard shell which you can't crush with your hand so you have to manually pick them out.

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Thanks Bettarazzi and someone :photo:

I will try finding searching on forum for more info about them..

I'm going to try to becareful not to get them in my new tank, when i start transferring fish etc into it..

I don't think they appear to be doing much harm, more just that they keep increasing ...

I googled for images of planaria, they look similar, but more rolled up like a mini snails than those in the pics ..

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