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What am I doing wrong?

Guest happyjack

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Guest happyjack

Hi. I must be doing something wrong. I have been trying to breed brine shrimp. Out of about 15 attemps with using every method on the net and pack lables, I have not raised more than 3 per batch.Have tried 2 differend lots of eggs, set up a tank for correct temperature control, tried airston and no airstone but still no luck. I have even tried sea water. The ones I have hatched have been whit not orange. Anyone helt to correct my problems. Will try anything. :P

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I'm assuming you mean that you're trying to hatch brine shrimp eggs. Not get adult brine shrimp to breed.

To get bs eggs to hatch successfully you need the following conditions:

  • Salinity of approx 15 ppt which is equivalent to a specific gravity of 1.011
  • Temperature 28 deg C
  • pH 8.2 - 8.6
  • Sufficient aeration to keep the eggs in constant motion
  • Good quality, fresh eggs. If the eggs you buy aren't in a completely sealed package at least make sure your supplier has a reasonably high turnover to ensure the eggs are fresh.

This is how I hatch bs eggs. You need:

  • 2 x 1.5 ltr plastic drink bottles (start one about 12-18 hours after the other)
  • Small airpump
  • Some airline (no airstone)
  • Airline splitter/manifold (you need 3, one for each bottle and one to keep water circulating around the heater)
  • Heater
  • A container that will hold the two bottles plus the heater
  • Rock salt (no additives or caking agents)
  • Bicarb
  • Plastic funnel (makes it easier to fill the bottle)

Here's what you do:

  1. Make a hole in one of the dimples at the bottom of the bottle large enough for the funnel to go through.
  2. Put the bottle upside down, resting on it’s cap in the container with the heater
  3. Fill the container with water so it covers the heater and comes part way up the bottle. The bottles don't have to be completely submerged. An inch or two is sufficient to keep the bottle warm.
  4. Put 6 tsp salt, quarter tsp bicarb (assuming the pH of you tap water is approx 7.0), about a quarter tsp bs eggs, and 1 ltr water in the bottle
  5. Put in the airline and turn on the pump
  6. Wait 24 hours
  7. Turn off the air and check to see if the eggs have hatched, if not wait another 6 hours approx
  8. Once the eggs have hatched leave it standing for about 10 minutes for the egg shells to float to the top
  9. If you shine a light at the bottle the bs will congregate there
  10. use airline to siphon out the bs and strain it through two layers of a hanky

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Guest happyjack

Thanks Bettarazzi, Thats about what I have been doing. Found the problem. EGGS. Got a new supply on Ebay from

E. Alpha Deals, in Melbourne. Garantee 90% hatch and he wasent joking.,and at 1/14 th. the price. Hatched in 17hours. Have bbs coming out of my ears now, and the fry all have red bellies.

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