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CO2 drop checker


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wasn't sure if I should buy a drop checker, with DIY CO2 was not sure if I would ever hit the 30ppm level that turns it green.

priced a few up on line ADA looks great, red sea and sera seem to have simple plastic versions for around $20-$25.

decided to MacGyver one myself

got a 4dkh solution and added that, was looking nice and blue

the pic make it seem greener than it is but it is looking to be more green than blue now in the tank

not sure yet if it will work or how accurate it will be or if the mix of solution and drops of reagent are correct. But for no money and 10 mins work it was worth a try.


second pic taken about 40 mins after the first one, it does look a shade lighter to me but that could be just wishful thinking

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Did u make ur own 4dkh solution?

I've got a glass one for 10 bucks which it stay yellow all the time and I can't be borther making the solution....


yes I did, didn't use distilled water as you should do as this was a test to see if it worked.

just used a litre of boiled water, tested KH then added a little bicarb of soda and tested again, went over 4 so emptied some water and added more pre boiled and just played around a little till I got 4dkh. Worked pretty good.

Where did you get you glass one for $10 does it look like the ADA ones?

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