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Added plants to my 40L tank

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Picked up some plants yesterday to go in the tank I have just set up. Put them in today so now really just need to see what happens and how they grow and fill in, I think I may have put too many in and as they grow I could be overcrowded but I will see if that happens and pull out plants as or if I need to.

As the tank is not large some of the stem plants were too long so I planted and trimmed the tops and then re-planted them which seemed to fill in the back nicely. not sure how the trimmed sections will go, if they start to branch them I may need to trim lower down to get the multiple stems starting from lower down the plant, if they just continue to grow as one stem should be sweet.

taken what I think is bacopa from my smaller tank and added that. LFS said it was green pennywort but they did not know when I bought it what it was

taken another small plant form the same tank that was not doing well to see if it goes better in this one.

bought yesterday



Rotala Wallichii

couple of java ferns

left hand side of tank

java fern

bacopa/green pennywort



right hand side of tank

anubia on rocks

green plant that was not doing well - think could be mayaca

rotala wallichii should start to straighten and look better as it settles

hydrilla very tall but have not trimmed this one yet, will let it grow then cut it down a little

back into ambulia, as it was trimmed I have taller sections at the back smaller at the front


Tank shot

added the light from my other tank so this is now 1.5wpg

still quite a lot of space fee at the front to plant in, possibly pygmy chainswords or hairgrass type plants. Would love to have some carpeting plant but probably limited with my lighting what I can do.

first priority is to get this growing and then I can think about more later.


in a week or so will start to add

flourish excel

have been using sera florena for ferts but will be getting some flourish and start using that

considering seachem iron also as this seems to be recomended and is part of the seachem starter pack

Not sure if I need CO2 yet, if I do I have a DIY set up ready to go just need to add the mix.


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