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Planted tank :)


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I did some major upgrades to my tank and once I sell my Angels

and place my other fish in other tanks I will add more tanks. But,

for now this is how it looks like.

Lighting: Aquamedic Oceanlight 150+ (ADA NA-150w MH + 2 Aquamedic Plant T5 24w)

Co2: Aquamedic 350g Co2 Bottle, Aquamedic Co2 Regulator, ADA Bubblecounter, ADA Beetle Defussor, ADA check valve, ADA Drop Checker

Ferts: Red Sea FloraDose, Red Sea FloraGro, Red Sea Flora 24, Aquamedic Ferropur, Aquamedic Ferreal, SeaChem Flourish

Substrate: Seachem Laterite, Sand/Gravel Mixture

Plants: HC, Blyxa Japonica, Red Tiger Lotus, Green Tiger Lotus, Unknown Lotus, Green Temple, Anubias, Java Fern Crested, Pogo helferi

Fish: Angels, Rummynose, Corycats, Otto, Albino Sailfin Pleco




More photos HERE!!

Mango :)

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Yes, they are both on. But only like 50cm above water surface. Trying to get fish to get used to the lighting first.

So far i got 4 stems of the helferi going well, and got 2 stems given to me (was in a tank with very low lighting, no ferts and no co2. they are stuggling to survive!)

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