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Hi everyone.

I live in Adelaide and have been keeping bettas and other assorted fish for ten years or so (gee that makes me feel old). I've currently got 2 bettas, Eric the VT and Mr Pink the CT as well as 3 Cories in an empty looking 2ft tank.

I've been tempted to dabble in a bit of betta breeding of late so i thought i'd look around at what local information was out there on the big wide web and found this forum, so now i've got all this information i need to find myself some good breeding stock.....

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Sorry for taking so long to reply, I dont have internet connected at home yet.

I was thinking of multi-colored Crown tails as i find them quiet striking. I bought myself a cute little guy the other week from a pet shop who is pink and purple colored. I also like Cambodian half moons.

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No rush to reply :)

Multi-coloured Crowntails do look quite striking, the only crown tail we have at the moment is actually a lovely dark red & blue multi...very eye catching.

Yeah HMs in pretty much any colour are beautiful but the colour contrast on the cambodians is very nice.

Good luck finding the ones your after :P

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I've finally got my internet connected :lol:

I've put the word out that im collecting jars. Im just going to keep my eyes open for some pretties to breed with.

These are my current boys:



Mr Pink



And this is my bronze cory tank, which really needs some work


Some corys (& snails)


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