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Greetings from the Kuwait and Sa


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Hallo everybody!

great to be here, have been searching through the many betta forums and must say that so far you guys seem to be the most helpful and welcoming. My first post was about my first spawn which i am sure like many people first time was not long lived. The fry got white spots and I lost them all in a matter of 2 days. I am actually working in Kuwait with my fiance been here for 5 years and plan on moving back to SA at the end of the year. I have been an avid fish fanatic but have never thought of breeding until recently. being in kuwait does call for a lot of problems. One being that there are not a whole lot of fish supplies and let alone fish available here which means you take what you get. Just today whilst walking through the pet market i stumbled across 2 CT bettas. (WOW! i was excited. a change form the VT and they looked to be doing ok) Pics to follow below.

So at this point i have a lot of questions and a lot of pics to post.

Anyway. thats my story. Look forward to your posts and discussions.



Below are the 2 CT males that i bought yesterday. I think one has some tail damage. Please let me know your thoughts.

Im still in the amateur stage. :)





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those are some NICE looking cts there :) looking pretty healthy to me :P that 1st one seems to have a weird dark red ray there... if you could get a pic of him flaring I'd love to see it, I think it may just be a colour quirk but it definitely interests me :P

Welcome to the forum (we LOVE pics so you're already doing well lol)

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Y2. Thanks for the message. Will see what I can do on getting another pic setup. I did notice the red ray but could seem to get a nice pic of him flaring, he kept on flaring at his reflection right at the back of the tank. lol Hopefully be back soon.

Off hunting today for a CT female. Finding a CT female here is like looking for rocking horse poop. :)

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Hi Matt. Welcome to the forum! Nice looking CTs you have there :) I see what you mean about the second one...looks like a bit of fin rot or possibly a case of tail biting. It is hard to tell if the red edges on the tail are from fin rot or just his colouring but it looks to me that there has definately been some damage. How you treat it would depend on what medications you have avaliable but you could add a bit of salt to the water, keep the water clean & see how it develops.

Good luck finding some nice girls for them :P

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Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I didnt find any CT females today but did manage to get my hands another 4 CT males. Could not help myself!!! :) Pics to follow shortly. Which is the best place to spot them? - on this topic or another section??

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