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guppy questions


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Ugh. Where to start.

Woke up this morning to a greenish fry tank , it had about 30 guppy fry in it ( 25 litres ) Im certain Ive been overfeeding as its my first go at breeding and have to learn the hard way.

So since the fry are about a month old I thought that it wouldnt hurt to reduce the bioload by moving the males to another tank (frustration in motion)

then I did a 1/3 water change and put some cycle in with the aged water coz it wont hurt , then I put a small internal filter ( with small amount of zeolite and charcoal ) in the tank just to help the sponge filter cope.

The water still looks green but fry are happy .

First question is how many water changes can I do per day till I get on top of the green water????

Second ....my fry were all born in quaranteen , they are from Thailand . Quite a few are showing red bodies and blue tails ( they are moscow blues )

so Im wondering would the seller have kept only MBs together or is there a chance that the fry are mixed breed???

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Green is not necessarily bad. Lots of the bugs in green water are tasty for fry. There is a green water fry raising method... that you seem to have stumbled onto.

Test for amonia etc and then you'll know if it's bad.

How many water changes you can do depends on how used they are to the local water. They may not be if they're new arrivals.

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Ok, first off good on you for stressing about all that kinds of stuff!!! When I've got guppy fry they get a 100% water change every 2nd day, I don't bother with cycling or anything..just add clean treated water that I've allowed to come to room temperature. Guppys are one of the most hardy fish I've ever kept! I've dropped and kind of squished fry and they've gone on to live perfectly happy lives and been none the worse for it. If you really want to get rid of the green water the only thing to do is do a complete clean out, and yes I am aware that I'll get my head bitten off for saying that coz it's the golden rule to 'never, ever, ever do 100% water changes' but if you keep the filters as they are without cleaning them they will still have the good bacteria in them and it'll soon enough stabilise the bioload (if that's something u are concerned with).

Good Luck

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Thanks ...guess I need to stress less , if green water wont hurt them and Im doing my W/C everyday then I wont worry about it so long as the water par. are OK.

Ill just have to get use to the sight of the green water .

It did clear up in the tank mentioned with the additional filter but now the newborn fry tank is murky and I dont think they could handle the current from a internal power filter just yet..

Its good to know that I can do bigger water changes ..Ive been doing little ones which are probably not making any difference.

Thanx again

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