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New Longfin Girlies


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OK I got 3 longfin girlies yesterday after Celeste informed me they were at FBs.

here they are :D

This is Jean


This one is more blue than green :)



And this one I keep thinking it could be a boy... but then I keep thinking yes she's definitely a girl, albeit an aggresive one lol (if she IS really a girl she'll be a great match for my steel giant)



Hope you likey :) I know they're a bit tatty atm but once their fins grow back I'm sure they'll look great!

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*cries* damn stupid grizzle girly Jean died on me :P she was absolutely fine last night and when I come home from work this morning and checked on the 3 she was gone :P could she have been eggbound?? (when I picked her up and was inspecting the body for signs of redness, sores etc I gave her tummy a little squeeze and all these eggies popped out... she didn't look big at all though so..?)

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