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He was sold to me as a "skyblue giant HM".

I'm not entirely sure what to call him. He's got a fair bit of green iridescence. Red wash and yellow spots (no idea how that happens). He's getting a lot more colour in his fins now, more of a blue wash I suppose.

I know he's not a HM because he doesn't quite have the 180 degree spread and his caudal's a bit rounded.

He's about 8cm in total. Couldn't get him to stay still long enough to measure properly. I thought giants were bigger than that? He was bigger than my blue bf boy, but I kind of expected giants to be a lot bigger?

If he'd breed instead of ripping the girls apart :), I'd try to work on getting a cleaner colour and better finnage.

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lol I've a had a few *ghost* pics myself :P

Giants aren't all that bigger lengthwise, but bodywise they are about 3 times the size and if you hold one in your hand as compared to a normal average betta you can definitely feel the difference in weight!

He's very nice :) spawn him :P

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