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is my fighter ready to spawn?


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I got my first simaese fighter toda :) y (or fighters as i should say :) :) ) and my male simamese fighter erects his fins and his gills pop out when every he sees the female.

Is this a breeding thing or is this a bad thing??? :thumbs:

please help!! :goodo:

The gourami guru

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No its not a bad thing, Its normal. The male fighters just flare like that whenever they see their reflection or another fish to make themselves seem bigger. To breed them you need to condition them together and the male will build a big bubble nest and then you can let the female in with him. The others on here will tell you more about it. I gave up on breeding them. Went to easier guppies.

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Yes, this is a sure sign of the male wishing to do the jiggy jiggy.. that or he may be getting territorial..

It might be an idea to separate the male and female, so the female cannot see him- or she may become egg bound from creating eggs to breed.. :D

It might be a good idea to first do some research into breeding before you have a go at it..

Try this link http://www.ausaqua.net/files/basicbettabreeding.html

or I found these next two brilliant and quite interesting!



Ive been researching for ages on just the general care, plus breeding of bettas and though I have tried it before about 2 years ago.. I have learnt so much more to help my future spawn be successful..

Have you really thought this through?

Do you realise you may end up with over 100 babies which you will have to separate the males.. You may even get a full spawn of males! :D

Have you got a spawning tank? as well as a growing out tank? (Ive heard using tubs are cheap and easy instead of buying expensive tanks :D)

What about heaters? Sponge filters for the spawn tank?

You may need to set up your own live culture of Baby brine shrimp, and or Infursor/ vinegar eels etc..

I dont mean to sound like im trying to stop you from doing it, I know how exciting it can get! :D Im just relating my own experience..

I know i'd rather have the knowledge and equipment to make a successful spawn :D Its more rewarding that way.. and you could have many grand-babies.. hehe

Good Luck :D

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