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attaching plants to drift wood rocks etc


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HI guys

I though i might put something up for all you wanting to attach plants to ornaments. :)

1: with you plant tie it onto your ornament tightly with fishing line or a rubber band.

2: place in aquarium and wait for it to take hold.

3:after a month or to give it a light tug and if it dosent move aorund to much and you convinced that its attached, remove the fishing line or rubber band

Well there you have it quite simple really and it looks great!!!

{im doing it at the moment with a banana lilly on a rock and itrs doing really well!!] :thumbs:

hope it works for you

cheers :goodo:

The gourami guru

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Being basically the type of person that always tries to find the easy way around things , I have used rubber bands to attach a few plants .....the anubias worked well by the time the band had eroded and snappped the plant was firmly attached...didnt really work for java moss

it just floated away from the clay pot I had attached it to.

So then had to reattach ....withwhat you may ask yes...another rubber band ....we'll worry about something more permanent later maybe.

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