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My new giants!


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Oh they're so cute! They're 8 weeks old from Michael and they're almost as big as a regular betta. Here's some photos:

This one is my favourite - is this what you call cellophane?


?extended red cambo? I got 2 of this kind:


The dark one:


Some of the girls:


The girl tank:


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Ok so here they are now, Michael, are you sure they're plakats?

This is the one that was extended red cambo with blue irid:



This is the extended red cambo with green irid, note the finnage issues:



This is the red with blue irid with worse fin issues:


Is this just finrot? Why only these two? There were both the others sharing the water and the fin irregularity in the one I've just bred was present before I purchased them from Michael. Also, I thought plakats didn't get finrot?

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Well, since I moved the the girls to the 2 foot and the white boy is in the spawn tank, I put the 2 finrot boys in where the girls used to be (divided). They're going rank at each other through the glass, spreading out those fins. I put some salt and protozin in there for them. The other one (red butterfly marble) now has one tank to himself...

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