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Tristan & Isolde and little Pablo - my discus fishies


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Hello everyone - I am so proud of my new family I have to share...

First meet pablo... he is so cute - and he talks to me too!!


this is Tristan, he and Isolde are a pair; but they are a little timid especially Isolde


and here are the 3 of them, Tristan and Isolde tolerate Pablo most of the time; but give him a nudge out of the way plenty of times, mostly when looking for food, Pablo stays around at dinner the other 2 hide and come later when things are quiet - and there is no food left thats why they get peeved with him.. {Pablo told me soo!}


and then there might be baby Rams, Montague and Verona are nest building, although I don't hold much hope of survival in this tank, might have to set up a nursery.. Verona is so fiesty she even takes on the Discus!! She is just a baby herself. They have bullied Romeo and Juliet to the other side of the tank, there are plenty of stand offs at the moment!!


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I love their names! I've got a thing for naming my fish after composers/playwrites/Shakespeare characters/Opera characters/historical figures myself.

They're such beautiful fish. I really love your Discus (is that the plural as well as the singular..?), they're great photos. How big are they?

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here is the tank, it is just short of 3 foot. I have just taken some video so I might try and get it on youtube at some time - but not tonight:) oops should have cleaned the glass before snapping!!

Pablo is about 7cm and Tristan and Isolde are about 10cm

I didn't see myself getting Discus fish (plural) so soon, but tank was getting seasoned for the Rams so I made a few extra water adjustments and there you have it - Discus fish!!


sadly the rams didn't prove to be good parents while they were out fighting the roses, the bolivan butterflies snuck in and ate the eggs, bad parents!! Verona tried to fight them off but alas she was just too small!!

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thanks Dianelle, next purchase will have to be T5 lights, it needs more plants and it is not recomended to use co2 with rams, I have terrible luck with plants, even the swords don't do well.

this is my second tank, I had to move fish from the big tank to here to make way for the discus, the plants are doing ok here. Hope there are no overstock police out there - because I need another tank already!!


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