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Phantom tetras spooked


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My 7 phantom tetras have taken to hiding amongst the plants since yesterday.

Two things have changed in their habitat:

1: Introduced 4 rainbow fish to the tank

2: Transferred 2 buttefly cichlids (M & F) to another tank, leaving 2 (M & F)

The rainbows were introduced on Friday night, but all seemed ok in the morning, although they are crusing the mid section where the phantoms used to play.

The 2 females butterflies had set up terriorities - half a tank each. Now the one female has taken over all of the tank. 2 of the tetras have posted themselves guard over the area where the others have taken sanctuary and appear spooked when the butterfly cruises by.

I am not sure which one is causing them grief - the rainbows are definitely in their old waters and the butterfly usually keeps to the bottom more than the mid tank.

I have a new 90 ltr tank cycling at the moment, should I move the tetras there? I feel the 90 ltr will be too small for the rainbows. Or should I try and move the other 2 butterflies back, although I don't want to stress them unnecessarily? :fish:

Any suggestions most welcome :balloons:

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You shouldnt really be having any trouble from the rainbows, i have about 50 rainbowfish with about 20 tetras and they all get on really well. I would watch the cichlids. But, some tetras are more timid than others so if there is no actual physical damage being done to the tetras, maybe just give them a little more time to adapt :balloons:

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