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Pic's Of Sŭay

I Love My Fishies

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Hi everyone so Sŭay is finally all settled into his new home (20L tank) he is very happy .... he is quite the fussy little boy I tried feeding him his Betta pellets which he spits back out and he is not to impressed by getting fed flake either so I went and got him some Brine Shrimp and bllod worm and now he is a happy little boy at dinner time :cheer:

So this is his little home:

home1.jpg: Home Sweet Home

home.jpg : He is really quite active and loves doing laps of his tank.

home2.jpg: He also likes to play hide and seek.

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suay.jpg: Just hanging around

RIMG0617.jpg: Cruising round

suay3.jpg: Checking things out

suay4.jpg: What a poser


*So let me know what you think of my boy :cheer:

*please note tank is not dirty my walls are yellow so thats why that colour comes through the tank ..... do you guys think I should put a little background at the back of the tank and if so what colour?

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He is a nice guy!!! I really do like him! :D

What colour is he? a black copper BF?

Did you get him locally (as in LFS or imported)?

Any plans in breeding him becuase I wouldnt mind getting one like him! :cheer:

HI Brett,

I sure am going to breed him I got him shipped from Thailand his colouring is Copper BF, I am searching for some gorgeous HM girls then I will breed him :cheer: then you can get one of his off spring then if you like :cheer:

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He's a very nice fish :cheer: .

Don't worry too much about finding a BF HM female. The BF/marble trait is dominant and you should produce BF/marbles (BF is a form of marble) if you cross him to a non-marble female. Any good royal blue, green, steel, or metallic versions of those (including copper) would be a good match :cheer:

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