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betta colour


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hi all,

first of all yey my imports are on there way and should be here thursday and as some of you may know one of them never made it to australia he didnt die in transit he got sent to canada by mistake

and the seller just sent me a few pics of replacements i ended up asking him to send a black with blue body ohm and what i wanted to know was how long does it take them to get to there full colour?

because the one hes sending is 2.7 months old and i just think if the blue came out more on his tail he would look really nice

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If he has developed his OHM form I'd say the colour's well and truly fixed by now.

The fish you chose is probably a melano. The ideal that melano breeders strive for is minimal - ideally no - iridescence (blue). So if he is a good quality melano, he actually won't increase in iridescence.

It's possible you chose a black lace, rather than a melano, but the only real difference (in terms of physical appearance) is that a black lace is less densely black on its black parts than a melano fish.

I'm sure you can google and find some more info and pictures of both types. I have to go to work now so can't check out if there are any useful links, but I'd start with looking around at bettaterritory and bettysplendens.

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