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Non Flaring Male Betta


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How long have you had him for?

Give him a day or so to settle in first... some bettas will be happy and flare straight away and others might take a week before they settle into their new homes enough to flare.

Offer yummy foods and then wait about 10 minutes before you show him a mirror - that will make him happy and full before you try to get him to flare.

If he doesn't flare at the mirror then take it away otherwise he'll just get used to "another" fish being there.

I don't know if they recognise "themselves" I'd guess they might be smart enough to figure it out eventually lol. I think they just see it as another fish lol.

Some fish will flare at a mirror but not flare at other fish.... sometimes the other way around and sometimes both!

If a mirror doesn't work Do you have another male you could show him? OR if all else fails put a female near him!

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Have had him since Saturday. He seems to be a happy chap... he seems to like to have a go a swimming against the current of the filter every now and then... there is only a small part of the tank where he can do that and he seems to make the choice to go into the current and have a go at swimming against it... almost looks like he is having fun lol.

He has been eating dried black worms, and did try the mirror thing.. but he didnt want to flare.

Havent got another male yet. I was thinking of putting the female in a funnel next to him for a little while to let her know there is a male around and she can start producing more eggs. Hopefully this will give him a manly boost in hormones and ill try the mirror again.

Thanks for your help

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