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Attached are some photos of one of my plants that has recently shot out a flower stem. The Mother plant has reached the top of a standard 3' tank and you can just see the flower stalk exiting the top right. The flowers appeared over a few days, each flower lasting less than 2 days before disintegrating. I waited for the seed pod to swell and develop, but nothing happened. Then tiny plants started to appear and grew into what you see in the Plantlet photo. You can still see the remnants of the flower stems. My logic says this plant is a hybrid incapable of producing seeds, but reproduces vegetatively.

At the moment the plantlets are still aerial, however, I plan to submerge them soon and they should develop roots and become independent of the mother plant.





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Thats pretty cool!

I had a sword that dit that once. It produced about 50 baby swords on its flowering stem, but they were all submerged.

I found that once they got to a certain size roots sarted to develop from the base of each plant.

Mabey you could sumberge the babies and see what happens.

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