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Url Woes


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hey guys/girls.

I've been trying to post a link to a webpace but it keeps stuffing up. works fine in the preview, but then when i post it won't work.

test: http://www.google.com/stuff

oddly enough that one works. now i'm really confused :yes:

Mabye it's my end? i'll update firefox and see if that fixes it.

edit: updated firefox and still no fix. also tried in iexplorer and not working there either.

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I found that post after I posted here :yes: I'm pretty sure the problem is with the size of the URL we are trying to post. The board keeps compressing it to make it fit into its allowable space. Unfortunately abbreviated URLs don't tend to work! I've had a quick look at the settings of the board but haven't found any room for adjustments as yet. Will update if I do.

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