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I am Velxunai and I am located in Rydalmere, Sydney Australia. I currently have 5 fish tanks ranging from 9L to 75L all with at least one beta fish. It had been 3 tanks (20L, 40L, and 75L) however recently my female sorority unfortunately fell apart (no deaths thank goodness), so I had to expand the amount of tanks I had.

All up I currently have 2 confirmed females, 2 confirmed males and 4 unconfirmed gendered fish (probably male).

In the past i have had a pineapple yellow hm crown tail, a short fin dragon scale, a butterfly HM and a common veil tail.

My current fish are 1 HM PLKT Giant, 5 short fin PLKTs, a copper crown female, and an unknown dragon scale female (damaged at purchase remains a mystery as to her tail type).

I also have 3 bristle noses and 4 platys and one pingpong ball sized golden mystery snail.

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