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  1. Velxunai


    Today I decided to pts, because the wound got bigger and fluff started growing all over him Thank you bettarazzi for all of your help and concern.
  2. Velxunai


    All of my girls in the sorority turned out to be boys.... Everyone is separated now but a few are still sharing water (this boy isn't however) Thank you for your help. Fingers crossed this guy makes it
  3. Velxunai


    Tumour! i didn't even think of that! water has been shared with him because he was in my sorority tank (long story 5 girls suddenly all male)... no one else has had any signs of the same thing, but i will be careful with cross contamination from now on! where do you find Tetracycline for fish in Australia? is this a vet prescribed thing?
  4. Velxunai


    I think I'm going to do this for my boy. i don't think its ich but it might still help
  5. Velxunai


    Thank you bettarazzi
  6. Velxunai


    what started as a little white spot has now become a huge pimple like bump. Swollen, red and still has a white centre. I thought it was ick so I separated right away and I thought it was healing but now I think it's much worse and looks painful I have on hand aquarium salt, melafix and Primafix... How should I treat this thing? Will post photos in the next post I wish I had a micro lense
  7. Velxunai


    Hello, I am Velxunai and I am located in Rydalmere, Sydney Australia. I currently have 5 fish tanks ranging from 9L to 75L all with at least one beta fish. It had been 3 tanks (20L, 40L, and 75L) however recently my female sorority unfortunately fell apart (no deaths thank goodness), so I had to expand the amount of tanks I had. All up I currently have 2 confirmed females, 2 confirmed males and 4 unconfirmed gendered fish (probably male). In the past i have had a pineapple yellow hm crown tail, a short fin dragon scale, a butterfly HM and a common veil tail. My current fish are 1 HM PLKT Giant, 5 short fin PLKTs, a copper crown female, and an unknown dragon scale female (damaged at purchase remains a mystery as to her tail type). I also have 3 bristle noses and 4 platys and one pingpong ball sized golden mystery snail.
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