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Hello from Albany

Fishy 1

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Hello everyone.

I came across this amazing forum will researching my next project, betta's or to be more correct wild betta's. Some info about myself. I've been keeping fish for eleven years now and have kept many different types of aquariums and fish in that time. I currently have been focusing on my reef tank and my freshwater tanks have taken a backseat during that time. Now that the reef tank is running nicely I intend to get back into my fresh water fish. A fish room is in the pipe line, and is going to be made from a bay of the garage. I'd like to get into breeding my fish to help pay for some of the cost of keeping them, but I doubt I'll make any profit or even break even, but I'll be doing it for the love of doing it rather than the money. I work at a pet shop and love it, especially the fish side of things. I've got a certificate 4 in aquaculture. Even with all that I've done in the time that I've kept fish I'm certainly no expert. I look forward to learning lots of things from all of you and maybe even pass on some of my knowledge.

Happy fishkeeping

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