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My bettas <3


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I have recently decided to breed bettas again so I thought I show them off.

First the girls:


New addition halfmoon multi colour (I think) female


Second new addition Pink and red with some blue halfmoon female


Not a great picture and not sure of her color other than purple ish and red female crown tail.


pink with blue iridescent fins crown tail female


Pink and red crown tail female

Green iridescent red (I think) not sure on her tail type was told she was a veil tail.

Red and black crown tail female with some transparency on her tail and fins.

If I'm wrong on colours let me know thanks.

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And now for the boys:


Red with green iridescent crown tail.


White and blue dragon halfmoon? Rose tail? Not sure myself daddy to my current fry.


Mustard gas again I'm not sure with the tail type but I think it's more of a rose tail


Copper red dragon no idea what tail type he doesn't stay still when he flares


Mustard gas? Maybe just green yellow and black double tail.

White and red double tail.

White and blue double tail.

Green and red super delta tail.

Green and red crown tail.

Red veil tail named Flare he got into a fight with a red fin shark in my partners community tank.

Royal blue veil tail named Leon

Red with blue iridescent veil tail named sweety.

There is also a blue and red crown tail named bitty and a purple ish with red veil tail named kayar. I haven't been able to get pics of these 2 yet.

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the mustard gas and the butterfly are pretty nice.


Id also say they are both halfmoons
i dont think they are particularly rosetailed.
the finnage has a few over laps but overall the edges are clean and even and finnage looks pretty good lengthwise :)
rosetail/feathertail when bred alot tends towards scalloped edges and the anal tends to be short and anal super long which can look super unbalanced.
your boys dont display them traits though :)
id just say they are quite well finned

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