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Newbie from Melbourne

Zac Flanagan

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Hi all,

I'm new to aquascaping and fish tanks in general. I used to have a low tech set up in my previous house but I really didn't put much effort in to it and it got a bit neglected..

Now I've moved house so I am having another go at doing this properly and have done my research this time around. I am going for a high tech tank with lights, co2 and an aquascape. I plan to eventually put some shrimps and small fish in there once it is fully cycled and established. It's only around 1 week only atm so still has quite a bit of cycling to go before it is ready for any animals.

My setup is:

4Ft tank

ADA amazonia main substrate, with al small amount of sand and gravel in parts.

4Ft T8 lights 2 x 40W

DIY CO2 with glass diffuser (soon to be solenoid controlled when it arrives)


Anubias (Nano, standard, and the big one?)


Java moss, Peacock moss

A few other bits n pieces that I dont have the names for off hand.

So, what I came to this forum to find out is if anyone knows any good places to buy or trade good quality moss, like weeping moss, or anything other than the standard java, peacock and flame moss which seems to be everywhere, but imo is not really the nice for aquascaping.. I want some nice moss that forms dense clumps which can be attached to wood or rocks and will stay there rather than just overgrowing and getting all "strandy". I'll still keep some of that moss in the tank as I understand that shrimp really like it, but I want some other moss sections that are going to look really nice and stay that way too.

I've visited Exotic Aquatics in Carnegie, and the place is amazing. I got my ADA amazonia, sand, and rocks there. But with all of the amazing aquascapes withe very kind of fancy moss and plants you could imagine, NONE OF IT IS FOR SALE!!!??

I couldn't beleive it, they have all of these amazing tanks on display, but nothing for sale? It is more of an aquascaping gallery than a store =P

Anyways, it would be great if there was a thread on here dedicated ot people trading hard to find aquatic plants and mosses because I would certainly like to pick up a few more varieties to put in my sacpe =)

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funnily enough exotic aquatic is just that THE AUSTRALIAN ADA GALLERY its a very high honour ^_^
he usually does have some for sale on the little water fall tanks on the left hand side when you enter the store. maybe hes out of stock at the moment

I would thoroughly suggest having a look at liverpool creek aquarium. they have a great range of plants(some quite hard to find elsewhere) and alot of information available in the item descrition regarding conditions and difficulty etc. http://www.liverpoolcreekaquariums.com/store/c18/Mosses%2FLiverwort.html
otherwise Subscape would be the other go to place for interesting plants :)"

Steer clear of java, subwassertang and riccia. They are very hard to tame and maintain especially long term and tend to work thier way out from your tying <_< .
look into fissidans, pellia and rose moss (they all grow small leaved and compact and will grow and climb over the surface rather than out from it)
you could also try mini bolbitis. depend swhat look you were going for i spose :)

Best of luck!

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