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Another new person, from Melbourne


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Hello - I'm Allie, from Melbourne. I just found this forum after a clicking spree, while learning about bettas. I'm actually a real dog person; my husband and I are involved in dog rescue and usually have a foster dog, in addition to our 2 dogs, and 1 permanent foster dog. So I might be a total fish novice, but I'm your girl for all your dog issues!

I just inherited a 10L tank wtih a lone Black Moor from a woman at work, whose 3 goldfish had been picking on it (surprise surprise..) and it's launched me into this new obsession. This poor fish needs a much larger tank, so my aim is to get one for home, and make this work tank much nicer for a betta, and also get a betta at home. I currently have a 10L at home that I've started cycling, and the Black Moor tank at work. But Since mentioning on facebook that I now have a fish tank for my desk at work, people are offering tanks and unwanted fish and god knows what else at me. A friend is giving me their unwanted tank which has some kind of golfish in it, but beyond that, I don't know.

It's all new to me, but I've been reading forums, websites, etc etc for about a week and tomorrow I'm making another trip to some aquariums. Does anyone have particular suggestions for good aquariums or aquariums wtih good selections of bettas in Melbourne? I'm going to do fish-in cycling and have started testing the water with the API Master test, and am absolutely prepared to be doing lots of big water changes for a while. All part of the process!

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