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  1. .. basically, I should pull my finger out and charge my DSLR!
  2. Oh wow, this is something I'm going to get waaaay too into! I'm not one of those people who can just be happy that he's happy, I want to know all about the genetics too. Sigh - I was like this when I got rats too. Obsessed with colour and coat type.. argh! He's a great little guy so far. I went to a few different aquariums on the weekend and ended up getting him from the Coburg Aquarium, but there are some beautiful Betta at Subscape in Richmond too. Such awesome little fish!
  3. I bought my first ever betta on Saturday - I'm not sure exactly what he is, beyond an elephant ear.. ? Does he look like a juvenile? He's really tiny and only has a very small tail, but it doesn't look like it's been chewed or anything. It all looks in tact, just.. small. I'm in awe of all the photos people have taken of their fish, I ended up with dozens of blurs and only a couple of pictures that are in focus. None of which are really any good..! Anyway, here he is: And this is the tank:
  4. Hello - I'm Allie, from Melbourne. I just found this forum after a clicking spree, while learning about bettas. I'm actually a real dog person; my husband and I are involved in dog rescue and usually have a foster dog, in addition to our 2 dogs, and 1 permanent foster dog. So I might be a total fish novice, but I'm your girl for all your dog issues! I just inherited a 10L tank wtih a lone Black Moor from a woman at work, whose 3 goldfish had been picking on it (surprise surprise..) and it's launched me into this new obsession. This poor fish needs a much larger tank, so my aim is to get on
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