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I have three aquariums- two 40 ltrs and one 150 ltr. One 40 ltr only houses Spike, my blue betta (he's not fond of company and shredded a poor juvenile guppy I put in with him), the other is used for mating specific guppies and raising the fry, and the 150 ltr is a community tank for the adult guppies and the fry that are old enough. I tend to remove males that may cause inbreeding and give them to the pet store, and I purchase males as needed - from other sources;). All my tanks are planted with anubias, the breeding tank also has java fern and the community tank also has java, stricta and amazon swords. My tanks are fully cycled and only require regular maintenance except the fry tank which requires double gentle filtration and small pwc each day. I bought my first guppies in january and things just snowballed, of course, so I had to invest in the bigger tank as I ran out of space:). Now I have things under a little more control and all fish are happy, frolicky and I'm working on not overfeeding them - lost two fish to bloat and bacterial infection:/.

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